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Eruditus small
Eruditus the Younger in 2013

Welcome to My Mind.

Six decades plus on this earth am I able reflect on, creating from my singular experiences, ideas that can enter the minds of you, the readers, of the thought journey of my life.

I have seen things as they were, and evolved them into new reflections on life and experiences, shaped by every thought in my consciousness at the moment that I saw them.

Perhaps you will read in these pages words that become ideas in your own mind that you want to hold onto as part of your life experience.

No subject is taboo on which I will penn ideas. Politics, parenting, sex, culture, religion, capitalism, socialism, will all be reflected on.

I am launching this site mostly with works of poetry. However, time will bring more prose, essays, editorials, lists and other forms of writing that may not of yet have even been invented.

I invite you to go to any of the pages listed above and read my intro thoughts on that subject, as well as a featured work. Then wander at your leisure the categories on the left. I hope you find the works interesting.

Come along with me and experience the world from a unique perspective.

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